Friday, January 6, 2012


"Among your many talents and gifts in the performing arts, which one do you think was the most under-utilized in the year 2011, and why?"

ARLA FONTAMILLAS:  Acting. Because I was afraid to. I believe this will give me the discipline that I need, not only as a performing artist but as a "full person" who is very aware of her senses and body and is not afraid to try new things and explore her self-imposed boundaries.

ELIZABETH TY-CHUA:  I think for the year 2011 the talent I least utilized is acting because I was quite busy this year in the music field.

JEANNE VELASCO-VICARS:  Last year my under-utilized talents were choral conducting and worship leading. I want to say "acting" also but then ang dami ko din namang kaartehan last year hahahah. Oh teka, how about being stand-up comedian? Hehehehe. Anyways, regarding choral conducting and worship leading, I guess I didn't focus much on these mainly because it entails a lot of commitment in terms of time and regularity and shepherding, though i don't really mind that. For choir though I find the initial teaching part of the songs a bit tedious, but i'm not allergic to the task. Also, my priorities last year were mainly to support my family, so ministry work had to take the form of voice workshops and tutorials more than choir conducting and worship leading. It's not easy being a professional freelancer, but God is good and faithful.

ANNA PASAGUI-SALVATORI:  Everything. I didn't get a chance to really serve God through singing, dancing, acting, directing, teaching, writing... nothing! That's why I'm dying inside. I cry every time because I really want to go back into the service of our God. My life has totally changed since I got here to America. We've bounced around so much. I've been travelling a whole lot which is a blessing and a curse. We just moved back to California 2 1/2 months ago and we've been so busy, we haven't found a church. I've been working Monday to Sunday. Anyway, that's my sob story but God knows I'm ready to serve anytime. He just needs to say it.

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  1. Si Ate Jeanne, sobrang reflected yung personality niya sa answer niya! Does that mean yun din ang personality ko?! I had fun participating in the poll. Thanks, Direk! :D